LES MIZ & FRIENDS! A puppet Parody


Les Miz and Friends! is a brilliant puppet parody of the musical phenomenon, Les Misérables, featuring a cast of humans… that is, until puppets take over and lead a revolution!

The show begins as any of the thousands of productions of Les Misérables would — until an announcement is made that the lead playing ‘Jean Valjean’ has gone missing.

Not wanting the show to be cancelled, a furry blue puppet comes to the rescue taking on the infamous lead role at the last minute – the only problem is (much to the ‘Mon Dieu! Quelle horreur!!’ of his fellow performers) he has not seen the musical, the movie, nor even read Victor Hugo’s book. But, this puppet has gumption, and does his very best to fumble his way through Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg’s masterpiece.

Written by music theatre comedians Geneviéve Flati and Nathan Makaryk, this show comes from a place of affection for Les Misérables – combining the best aspects of shows like Avenue Q and Forbidden Broadway with a sense of irreverence known to comedy troupes such as Monty Python and Second City.

Les Miz and Friends! enjoyed a sold-out workshop season in Los Angeles.